Our Commitment to You

Smart(k)® respects the privacy of the plans it administers, their sponsors and participants as well as of any visitors to our website. Our goal is to collect only that information which is necessary for us to properly service our clients and to use that information conscientiously and appropriately.

What We Collect

Most of the information that we collect in order to administer a client’s retirement plan will come from the Plan Sponsor. The Plan Sponsor is identified in our Service Agreement and is generally the employer maintaining the retirement plan.

However, in order for you to access certain information through our website, such as information regarding your account if you are a plan participant or overall information regarding your plan in the case of an employer, you will be required to log-in. The log-in process will require that you first register and provide us with a user name, password and contact information as well as provide answers to certain questions that only you would know. Thereafter, to access those parts of the website, you will be required to use that log-in information in order that we can verify that you are indeed entitled to access requested information or sites.

We may collect such personally identifiable information necessary to allow us to properly service and administer your retirement plan including participant names, social security numbers, dates of birth, contact information etc. in other ways such as by mail, secure file upload, e-mail, facsimile transmission etc. If you contact us by telephone, e-mail or in any other way and you ask about your account under a plan we administer and/or provide recordkeeping services, we will also ask you to provide information sufficient to verify that you are entitled to obtain the information requested.

In addition, like most websites, our website will also track and collect certain non-personally identifiable information that web browsers and servers typically collect such as web traffic data. This data may include such information as browser type, type of computer, language preferences, referring web sites, date and time of visit. This information is collected in order that Smart(k) can better understand how visitors to our website use the site and thus, how we can better design and use our website to better serve our clients.

How We Use the Information Collected

Any personally identifiable information we collect, such as your name, date of birth, the company’s name and tax identification number, contact information, account information etc. will be used by Smart(k) solely and exclusively to enable us to properly administer the applicable client’s retirement plan.

We will not sell, rent, license or disclose personally identifiable information collected to unaffiliated third parties. However, Smart(k) may disclose such information to other related entities or affiliates or to trusted business partners who are also providing services to the plan involved.

Smart(k) may record and reproduce information you provide as well as records you create on Smart(k)’s website.

Aggregate non-identifiable information may be used to satisfy each client plan’s reporting obligations required to be made to governmental agencies.

How We Secure Your Information

With respect to how we secure your information internally, we disclose personally identifiable information about any individual participant only to those employees of Smart(k) that need to know that information in order to administer the client plan. No information you provide or that we collect in order to administer a plan will be sold, rented, licensed or otherwise released to any third party without your permission except as may be required by law, (including subpoenas, court orders or other legal or regulatory processes) or except as may have been previously authorized in accordance with our Service Agreement with the Plan Sponsor. Smart(k) may also disclose personally identifiable information to third parties who the Plan Sponsor authorizes in writing, or through verified electronic means, to receive such information such as, for example, an attorney, accountant or agent of the Plan Sponsor. In addition, as discussed above, Smart(k) may also disclose such information to other related entities or affiliates or to trusted business partners who are also providing services to the plan involved.

We will disclose information about the Plan Sponsor and/or its affiliates, related entities as well as information about plan participants to those officials of the Plan Sponsor, employees or owners of the Plan Sponsor as well as to any agent so authorized by the Plan Sponsor to receive such information.

Without regard to the manner in which we receive any personally identifiable information, Smart(k) takes the security of that information seriously. We have implemented numerous security measures and features to prevent the unauthorized release, use, alteration, disclosure of, or access to, personally identifiable information in our possession. For example, personally identifiable information provided to our website is protected using industry standard security measures including encryption, firewalls and secure upload functionality. To provide even more protection and security, Smart(k) partners with technology providers such as Schwab Retirement Technologies thereby allowing access to industry leading privacy safeguards. Our employees are trained in and required to acknowledge that the information they receive from clients is considered confidential and the importance of safeguarding personal information. Smart(k) will take appropriate action should any employee of Smart(k) fail to adhere to our security measures and requirements.

However, as you know no security measures are perfect or impenetrable and as a result Smart(k) cannot guarantee that the information submitted to or maintained on or transmitted via its systems will be completely secure and protected. However, should we become aware of any breach of our systems Smart(k) will promptly notify any individual or company whose information may have been affected.

If you have questions or concerns regarding Smart(k)’s Privacy Policy, please e-mail psc@rpsbenefits.com.