Charles Schwab is among the most trusted names in financial services and a leader in retirement plan recordkeeping technology and custody services. Smart(k)® is proud to incorporate many of Schwab’s retirement plan services into our feature rich program.


Smart(k) is built on Schwab Retirement Technologies (SRT). The SRT system provides Smart(k) clients and their participants with industry leading web, mobile and voice access to their retirement accounts. Smart(k) clients have the peace of mind that the Schwab name and resources are at the center of the Smart(k) solution.

Custody Services

Where does the money go? That’s a fair and good question. Schwab Bank acts as the custodian for the assets held in Smart(k) clients’ retirement plans. Smart(k) clients are in good company as Schwab Bank provides custody services to over 10,000 retirement plans with total assets of $99 billion¹.

Brokerage Accounts

Smart(k) clients desiring the freedom to invest their retirement accounts in brokerage accounts have access to Schwab’s industry leading Personal Choice Retirement Account (PCRA).

Participant Services

When it’s time to take a distribution from the plan, participants in a Smart(k) plan have access to Schwab’s Distribution Education and Support Services (DESS). This service is intended to help guide participants in navigating the complexities of making a retirement plan distribution decision.

Smart(k) is not affiliated in any way with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., Charles Schwab Bank or Schwab Retirement Technologies.

¹ Schwab Facts December 31, 2013